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20 year-old boy who's livin' in İstanbul. Feeling stuck and lonely and tryna make it way out.. somehow.
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this dude just drew a perfect circle by hand.

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Anonymous asked:
How do you do heads ? I always try but mine always look too flat and long and the noses are weird.


Oh man, I got quite a few requests for tutorials and the like but I’m just as clueless about most stuff so I feel super unqualified ): But okay, I will try with this! THIS IS JUST WHAT WORKS FOR ME SO TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT and feel free to skip any steps you find unnecessary! Also, I’m sorry if anything is unclear, I’m super bad at explaing.

Step 1:
Draw a somewhat squashed circle (it doesn’t have to be perfectly circular as actual skulls aren’t either!)

Step 2:
Add a trapezoid for the chin!

Step 3:
Add lines from about the middle (if you take perspective into account) of the squashed circle to the chin line. I also added a circle for where the ears would be later. This step, and the former one, are nice to play around with to get different face shapes, from pointy anime chins to lantern jaws of justice!

Step 4:
Add guide lines so the nose and eyes won’t be all over the place!

Step 5:
Add the features. I tend to mirror the image every now and then during this step because even with the guide lines, my stuff likes to end up lopsided :I

Step 6:
Add hair and stuff! Make sure to keep the shape of the skull in mind, yo! Luckily, this is not a tutorial for drawing hair so please excuse this mullet made of awkwardly shaped bananas.

Step 7:
Turn the opacity of the sketch layer down and make a new layer! Then draw over that shit. If there were tiny mistakes in the sketch, it’s okay, since you can correct them during this step.

Step 8:
Erase the sketch layer or make it invisible and BOOYAH, there you go!

I hope this was somewhat helpful?

For noses, I recommend this tutorial by someone who is way better at explaining stuff than me, because truth be told, I’m still figuring it out.

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